Fashion Knit


Fashion Knit Industries is having a vertical unit with all processes from raw material to finished goods under one window to get better control on our supply chain as well as to produce cost-effective goods.


  • Twisting technique to form yarn from fibers
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art technology machines from the renowned producers of Germany and Switzerland
  • Produce different types of cotton yarns and special blend yarns
  • Production capacity of approximately ______lbs annually


  • Fabric formation by interloping of yarn
  • Knitting by using circular knitting machines
  • Equipped with high technology machines to produce different kinds of qualities
  • Knitting Capacity of approximately _____kg per year


  • Different dyes and chemicals are inducted into the grey fabric as per the required color range
  • Work process based on zero discharge of hazardous chemicals to control the environmental impact
  • Use of eco-friendly dyes and chemicals
  • machinery installed with less imitation in order to protect the environment.
  • Production capacity of approximately ______tons per year


  • Set the fabric according to the benchmark of specified requirements
  • Improving the appearance or usefulness of a fabric
  • Different types of chemicals are used in order to achieve the desired result
  • Fabric properties can be controlled by using mechanical finishes
  • Invest in new advanced machinery for efficient processing

Elastic Manufacturing

  • FKI has its own elastic manufacturing setup
  • High-speed Automatic Elastic Machine to meet production requirements
  • Striving to bring the production of goods under one roof to have better control over the quality

Sewing Thread Process

  • In-house thread dye facility to maintain quality as per Oekotex standards
  • Internal testing laboratory in order to maintain color matching/fastness and other properties
  • QA team ensures the thread cone is in good shape with suitable tension and has no deformation during transportation to avoid any risk


  • The objective of the cutting facility is to secure a nonstop supply flow of goods to the sewing floor
  • Workers focus on the required cut size according to the specifications of customers
  • Follow the plan sheet efficiently to support the production team
  • To cut garment parts economically and accurately
  • Equipped with high technology automatic cutting and checking machines for better quality and minimum fabric wastage


  • Different sewing techniques are used in order to meet the fitting standards
  • To ensure that the product takes its shape according to requirements
  • Stitching capacity of _____ pieces annually


  • Quality assurance experts work on different AQL marks to avoid defects in the goods
  • All quality checks are performed attentively throughout the production processes
  • The team assures that we are doing the right thing, the right way, mistakes should be eliminated


  • Different types of packing trim are enclosed into the fabric according to the required packing style
  • The goal is to protect the goods from any damage that could happen during transport, handling, and storage
  • Able to develop different styles for sustainable packaging like fabric pouch packing


  • Store a wide range of carton quantities with safe handling and maintain global SOPs
  • Well-equipped inventory management system for effective tracking of inflow and outflow of goods
  • International standard racking system installed with a storage capacity of 15 hundred pallets
  • Safe and secure transportation of goods with respect to different destinations/ports
  • FKI has another warehouse in Schnellenburg Germany with a storage capacity of 0.6 million pieces to manage NOS programs of different retailers/ discounters in Europe