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Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheets

Fashion Knit Industries offers a wide selection of fabric for fitted sheets and bed sets in a variety of solid colors and qualities. Cotton, Organic Cotton, BCI, CMiA, CVC, Poly Cotton, Tencel, Modal, Molton, Fleece, and other types are available.

Fitted Sheets Category

Jersey Fitted Sheet

  • FKI has the capability to produce diversified qualities such as jersey including Organic CMiA, BCI, and interlock
  • FKI creates attractive and eye-catching color varieties in these same qualities, which have been successfully selling for many years
  • Knitted in all mentioned fitted sheets are not only incredibly soft but also stretch in all directions and retain their shape after being stretched
  • Made with Eco-friendly, high-quality, and sustainable textiles keeping in view the current trending demand of the world

Single Jersey


Organic Jersey

Jersey CmiA

Jersey BCI

Micro Fitted Sheets

  • FKI is a potential supply of Micro jersey fitted sheet, Micro Neon fitted sheet, and MicroFleece, Micro Interlock
  • We have a wide spectrum of colors in these qualities, the look and hand feel of the fabric serve a particular purpose in attracting end-users
  • We use Eco-friendly fabric, which is composed of fibers that are the breathable and best choice for everyone to avoid any harmful substances

Micro Jersey Fitted Sheets

Micro Neon Fitted Sheets

Micro Fleece

Micro Interlock


  • The terry pile protrudes on one side of the sheet while the other side stays plain, resulting in a fitted sheet with special absorbency and durability
  • The product is a goal achiever as it meets all the specifications and protocols of the buyer and it has many certifications to prove its high quality
  • Available in unique pastel and medium colors whereas dark colors are also chosen according to the market trend

Cotton Elastan

  • FKI produces a variety of cotton elastane qualities, as well as premium qualities in response to consumer demand
  • Available as the normal size and high to low GSM fitted sheets, topper mattresses, the bigger pocket size of mattress and pillowcases
  • The fitted sheets are superior as it has high elasticity and stretchability and has successfully met different kinds of protocols for different buyers


  • Cotton and cotton blends dominate the market. FKI also produces cotton and polyester blended yarn in which cotton provides absorbency, a soft hand, and a good appearance while polyester adds durability and wrinkle resistance
  • It has a unique construction since this quality first forms terry piles before going through a raising process to produce Molton textiles
  • Excellent quality, highly soft material that preserves your mattress and keeps them long-lasting.
  • The best standard has been followed to sustain the product density and mass production

Poly Cotton

  • Poly-Cotton Sheets are made with different blended materials and dyed to have different effects according to the special demand of the buyers
  • Featuring an easy-to-care vintage cotton-poly mix fabric, poly-cotton knit fabric for making cost-effective products
  • Provide the enduring strength of polyester and the soft feel of cotton, all in one

Topper / Box-spring

  • FKI has the capability to produce fitted sheets with different drop sizes in a variety of qualities

  • Topper mattress fitted sheets prevent spills from soaking, the mattress also helps to prevent general wear and tear with a drop size ranging from 10 to 15cm

  • Fitted sheet for box spring beds have their own dimensions, which are different from regular sheets, and combined the normal mattress & topper which shows the reliability of fitting & appearance