Fashion Knit

Group Profile

Group Profile

Fashion Knit Industries belongs to the dynamic Machiyara Group of Companies that is among the long-standing and diversified groups in Pakistan with holdings in various fields like;


Real Estate

Advancement In Technology world


Another project of MACHIYARA GROUP is KASSIM TEXTILES (PVT) LIMITED. The company’s sophisticated spinning unit and denim project produce world-class top quality yarn and indigo denim in all weights and denim texture range from the very basic to most intricate fancy weaves with different cable lengths. This is just one of the reasons why KASSIM TEXTILES (PVT) Limited is emerging as the leading manufacturer of world-class cotton yarn and denim fabric. Denim Prive is another name under the MACHIYARA umbrella its garments are appreciated in Europe, the USA, and Canada for their quality and workmanship

The group believes to diversify its portfolio from Construction to putting up Textile units, Telecommunication, and Technology businesses. The Foundation of Machiyara group of companies was laid down by his father, Mr. Kassim Machiyara in 1960 from the construction business, by building many known Plazas, Shopping Malls, and business Towers in various cities in Pakistan

With his foresightedness and vision, Mr. Ashraf Kassim Machiyara entered into the telecommunication business in early 2000 and soon became the chairman of United Mobile, a leading mobile phone distribution and care company in Pakistan representing various global brands i.e. Samsung, Voice, Techno, etc as business partners. Being a visionary businessman, he envisaged a Fintech company, a startup by a group of young and talented technology enthusiasts in 2013. With his inventiveness and inspiration, Wemsol (Pvt). Ltd became the most comprehensive and complete Fintech in Pakistan which is working under the brand name “KEENU”

Under his chairmanship, Keenu has become the leader in Digital Payment Spectrum in liaison with SBP and to help build “Digital Pakistan”. There is a tremendous potential for Keenu to grow. Keeping the above facts in mind Keenu started its acquiring business in 2014 under SBP regulation and developed a wide Merchant network, consumer/merchant wallets, and online payment gateway and loyalty solution

The Group is also a participant in various, welfare-minded person and never stayed away from contributing to various social and welfare projects of the World Memon Organization (WMO) as a founder member, trustee, and contributed generously in various CSR projects in Pakistan. Machiyara group is running as many as 50 free clinics and health centers under Zubaida Machiyara Trust (ZMT). The hospitals including Memon Medical Institute (MMI) are facilitating thousands of patients of the relevant areas

Why Choose Us

Fashion Knit Industries has had an exponential growth rate to the keen eye on bthe future. The company leaves no stone unturned to invest in technology in order to give the best possible price, quality to its customers & lead time. Fashion Knit Industries enhanced its facilities in the near future which includes:

Doubling the capacity of the existing spinning unit

Enhanced our knitting, dying and stitching and packing capacity

Capable of offering Sustainable Packaging

Command on Research & Development and developing ecologically friendly products

Certified with the globally recognized certifier firms

Satisfaction of our Customers is our core Mission